2017 Muddy Onion A little Late

Hello, I been busy with work and have not had the time to do a write up. So here it is a quick one with images.

Since I do not have a gravel/adventure bike yet. Friday Night get set u with the Demo Bike from Salsa and talk bikes.  It was a good time. I got use a Salsa Warbird which was pretty sweet.


Saturday roughly 500 folk showed up at the start of the ride.


And this year I notice one of the guys taking pictures so I was able to get in a few of them.  Enjoy them, as the weather was perfect in my mind.  The gravel was nice, I did see one person take a spill on one section but not too bad.


Thinking what did I get myself into again



Some of the views around me is awesome



Love when the chain slips it is okay thou



The Salsa rep with his sweet bike

Overall a fun time.  I was a bit slower then last year looking at my strava data but I am happy with the riding.  Until next report thank you for riding.

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