Searching at Gravel / Adventure Bike

Hello all, I have been busy with my job. Working 50+ hours a week on average to building my comp “vacation” time up. So I might be able to do a trip to get a gravel bike.

I am in process of getting a gravel bike within the next month or so. So this way I can ride in 4 (mud, spring, summer, and fall) of the 5 seasons of Vermont life. As some of the roads no way I want to ride my 23 road bike tires on as that would be silly. Also going to be riding the long way to work on those gravel roads.

I have a list of 6+ or so bikes.In no order, here is a list of some of bikes I am looking at:

Bianchi Allroad


Jamis Renegade

Salsa Vaya

Fuji Jari

Specialized Sequoia

Trek Crossrip

I won’t be getting anything until March but it is great reading the reviews of the bikes.  All the bikes I would get from a LBS that I trust and know. So that is why I have a big list of bikes on here. This would be my first new bike since my entry level mtb. As my road bike I got used. I want to see how the bike feels when I am riding it.  Something I wished I did on my road bike at times but it is fun.

Thank you for reading and happy training.

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6 comments on “Searching at Gravel / Adventure Bike
  1. Like your blog. What bike did you go for in the end? I’m currently pondering the Jamis Renegade.

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