Joys of Living in the Northeast USA

Good news it is going to warm up later this week as it will snow Tuesday and Wednesday.  Just 8-12 inches is what the weather folks say. I will let you know once it snows how much I actually get here. Yesterday I walked to spinning and then to work and then back home.  It was -4F degrees without wind when walking.  The wind was picking up. Needless to say I had a good afternoon nap after working 4.5 hours for 6.75 hours of vacation time later to use. I currently live roughly 1.25 miles uphill from my work.

I do not mind the cold or snow, I just do not like ice. A few of my coworkers know how many different places I have lived in in my short life so far and ask me why I picked to work here.  And I say it is closer to my family and I enjoy the cold more then the heat.

Today I walked in town to get food for the week and then bike for a little bit on the trainer. I am hoping to run once or twice this week.  I only run last week once but I am just happy to get out during lunch to run. I biked a few times and that was good too.

Have a great week everyone!

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